Brian Walker - Founder of Trailguide Consulting, Inc.


Corporate Career

Brian began his career at International Paper, where he managed their media services department. He then worked for Cadbury Schweppes plc where he managed communications, public affairs and consumer services before becoming the National Franchising Director for three of Cadbury's soft drink brands. During his tenure as Division Marketing Manager at Cadbury, he managed and grew the company's largest soft drink division at three times the industry rate and successfully introduced a number of successful new products.

Before starting Trailguide Consulting, Inc., he was senior consultant and member of the management team at Creative Realiities, Inc. He has guest lectured at Columbia University and presented on innovation and collaboration topics at numerous national conferences.

Innovation Perspective

Brian believes that gaining group alignment and developing a realistic and concrete implementation plan are both essential for an innovative idea to become real. He enjoys working on 'where the rubber meets the road' to help increase the likelihood of success for his clients.

Enjoying life

Brian, his wife, Leigh, and their two daughters live just outside Portland, Maine, where they enjoy the four seasons to their fullest and can often be found 'out on the trail'.

Brian Walker photo