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Deviate Marketing

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We partner with Deviate Marketing to help deliver outstanding brand development services to their clients. By managing the process of the group work sessions, Deviate professionals are freed to concentrate on providing their content expertise and knowledge to their clients.

“Trailguide Consulting acts as a catalyst to ensure the work we do for our clients consistently exceeds their expectations and delivers on our mission to challenge conventional wisdom and take marketing in new directions that are off the beaten path.”

— Co-Founders

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DK Publishing

DK Publishing logo

Using Consumer Conversations, facilitated discussions with book-buying consumers, DK Publishing was able to improve book packaging and format, tailor marketing activities to consumers' needs, and provide U.S. feedback to the company's international editorial process.

“Understanding our target consumer has been critical to DK's continued success in the U.S. The series of Consumer Conversations that Brian designed and executed over the past three years has impacted our design, content, and marketing of DK's highly illustrated non-fiction titles. We reference our accumulated learning almost daily.”

— Senior Vice President

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Grey Goose®

Grey Goose® logo

When Bacardi Limited acquired Grey Goose® Vodka, we helped them clarify its brand positioning, developed programs to continue its strong growth momentum, and worked with the global organization to ready the brand for its global launch. We continue to work with the Grey Goose® brand team to develop innovative marketing programs that continue to drive the Brand's success.

“Continuing to expand Grey Goose® is a key priority for Bacardi. Brian helped us effectively bring the brand into our portfolio and then worked with us to help create energy for the brand worldwide, developing consumer and trade programs to fuel its growth. The result is that Grey Goose® has continued to grow in the U.S. and has been successfully rolled out to major markets around the world.”

— Brand Director

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NDS™ logo

NDS is a leader in providing innovative water management solutions for both irrigation and drainage. Trailguide has worked on three projects with NDS, each time helping create successfully commercialized products and solutions.

“The water management marketplace is changing quickly, driven by many forces. Trailguide Consulting helped us consider the varied drivers of innovation in our market and then guided us in developing innovative solutions that have been successfully commercialized and exceeded our sales expectations.”

— Chief Executive Officer

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PBS® logo

We helped PBS® involve its member stations in the development and then buy-in of the new PBS® brand positioning and other branding efforts. We have also helped the PBS®/Department of Education Ready To Learn initiative by training its coordinators how to better interact with parents and caregivers in workshops to increase family literacy.

“The PBS® system encompasses a wide variety of perspectives and needs. Brian Walker quickly grasped both the internal system and competitive issues. As a result, through his facilitation of key planning meetings, he has helped us not only identify effective marketing strategies, but also gain the system input and buy-in necessary to ensure our success.”

— Vice President, Brand Management

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