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What We Do


Do You Need What We Do?

  • Are you looking for a new solution to a challenge you face?
  • Do you need a better understanding of your marketplace?
  • Does making progress require getting your team members aligned?
  • Do you want to see results from your effort?
  • Are you looking for ways to become more efficient?

Trailguide Consulting can help!

Single session to complete process

Trailguide Consulting works with you to develop and then execute what you need — from a single session to a complete innovation process.

We draw from a proven set of innovation modules to create a customized approach to achieve your objectives.

The result is an efficient and effective process to deliver the results you want.

We also offer specialized services that support your innovation efforts.

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Single Session

If you have a specific challenge to overcome or are trying to capitalize on a specific opportunity, we can help. Using our proven innovation-based facilitation processes, we will design a session to meet your needs.

Our approach adds some simple, but critical, components into the traditional idea development approach to produce better and more actionable results.


Complete Innovation Process

We can help develop a customized, repeatable approach to innovation, which you can use to develop innovative new products and services.

If you already have innovation processes in place, we can improve them by supplementing current weak spots with modules from our portfolio.

Specialized Services


We have found that many companies have similar weaknesses in their own internal capabilities and, over the years, have built some specialized services to help strengthen an organizations' own capabilities.

Specialized service #1

Consumer Conversations

A better qualitative research tool

Consumer conversations …

  • create a facilitated dialogue between you and your consumers
  • extract richer, more meaningful information from consumers
  • are used for a deeper understanding of the consumer perspective, the resulting consumer insights, and the subsequent next steps
Specialized service #4

Marketing Agency Support

Turbocharge your agency's creative engine

We strengthen your agency by:

  • Facilitating initial client alignment and buy-in
  • Providing insights into your client's marketplace
  • Creating bigger and better ideas — faster
  • Freeing you up to focus on content and not process
  • Helping you to be more regularly innovative
Specialized service #2

Creativity and Facilitation Training

Strengthen your internal innovation capability

We train people in two primary areas:

  1. We teach key skills in creative thinking, listening, and group collaboration
  2. Through a series of workshops, we train you and your team how to facilitate
Specialized service #3

Trail Testing

Readying your idea for commercialization

Trail Testing 'hardens' your strategy, product, or service. It identifies commercialization vulnerabilities, and then reduces or eliminates them.

Trail testing has three key benefits:

  1. Better solutions
  2. Elimination of unwarranted concerns
  3. Teambuilding